March 7, 2023

Bari Weiss: Age of Rising Conspiracy

Bari Weiss (founder and editor of The Free Press, host of the Honestly podcast) opens up about her very public resignation from The New York Times, how the polarized mainstream media and negative newscycle can impact our wellness as a society, and the importance of being able to have conversations with people you may not always agree with. She explains how the digital revolution transformed the business model of news as an institution and considers the source of people’s paranoia with mainstream news, which has led to a rise in conspiracy theories. Bari reveals why her own grandma called her a right wing fascist, the values and historical perspective that guide her to stand up in the face of fear, and what the rise of gurus can tell us about our era. She discusses the importance of community and why sacrificing comfort is sometimes necessary to live a meaningful life.

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