Better Help

When's a good time to do a mental health check? How about any time. Maybe you've always wanted to try therapy... maybe you've been listening to this podcast and understand that just about everyone should try therapy… maybe you tried it before and it didn't work... maybe you're ready to try again.

BetterHelp offers online licensed professional therapists tailored to your unique needs. They really listen and can help you with many many issues... like the same ones we talk about on the show: anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, etc.

Finding a therapist can be intimidating and time consuming. What's great about BetterHelp, is that all you need to do is fill out a quick questionnaire so they can address your unique needs. Then within 48 hours you get matched with a licensed therapist. From there you can schedule secure video or phone sessions with your therapist, or even exchange unlimited messages with them. Everything you share is confidential, of course. If for any reason you’re unhappy with who you're matched with, you have the ability to switch free of charge.

Become an advocate for your own mental wellness today and join the over one million people who have taken charge of their own mental health with the help of an experienced BetterHelp counselor. 

BetterHelp is convenient, affordable, and best of all our listeners can get 10% off their first month if they use the discount code "break." There's no shame in asking for help, you're not alone. Get started today at and don’t forget to use code “break.”

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