January 10, 2023

Jodie Sweetin: My ADHD is a Superpower

Jodie Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House, Craft Me a Romance) discusses her work as “Stephanie Tanner” on Full House, living with ADHD and how she thinks it has helped her, and the importance of showing up as the parent you needed to have yourself. She explains how therapy and sobriety allow her to be a better parent and the importance of honesty in a parent-child relationship. Mayim and Jodie consider the need for prison reform after Jodie opens up about being adopted as a baby after she was born within the prison system. They discuss coping mechanisms in nature vs nurture and share their earliest childhood memories. Jodie reveals the top 5 things that keep her centered and ways she redirects feelings of wanting to run away into efforts of self-care.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Jodie Sweetin

Actress, Activist, Author

Mayim Bialik


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