November 9, 2021

Alyson Stoner: Create Space to Try

Alyson Stoner (multi-disciplinary artist, Co-Founder of Movement Genius, author of Mind Body Pride: The 7-Step Guide to Deeper Inner Connection) joins us to discuss the role physical movement plays in promotion of mental and emotional health. She details her childhood in the entertainment industry, growing up around abuse and addiction, and how focusing on the mind-body connection serves as a grounding tool from those stressors. Alyson opens up about her experiences with using disordered eating as a coping mechanism, being disowned by her faith community for her sexuality, and her alexithymia diagnosis. She considers the therapeutic benefits she receives from dance, physical symptoms of being disconnected from one’s body, and the importance of implementing full body awareness into therapy. Mayim breaks down the process of training the brain to achieve certain psychological and emotional responses in another installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Alyson Stoner

Actress, Singer, Dancer

Mayim Bialik


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