July 1, 2021

Rabbi Steve Leder: Clearing out the Clutter, Nonlinear Grief & Finding Gratitude in the Mundane

Rabbi Steve Leder, author and Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, breaks down the beneficial and harmful aspects of religious structure on mental health and sense of community. He details his childhood in the midwest where he worked at the family junkyard under strict, religious parents, and how stealing Bob Dylan albums led him to the hippie rabbis who changed the course of his life. Mayim and Rabbi Leder reexamine the true meaning of sacrifice, the evolution of Judaism, and how religious extremism and radical secularism can negatively impact mental health. Mayim opens up about the role religion has played in her own life and sense of identity, and how Judaism’s structure of processing grief helped her to effectively mourn her father’s death. After analyzing the ways in which society can rebuild trust in its institutions, Mayim and Rabbi Leder discuss how impactful changes in our micro communities can lead to macro effects and the importance of learning from those with differing beliefs. Mayim explains how a disconnected marriage can affect mental health during an installment of Ask Mayim Anything.

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