November 29, 2022

Douglas Rushkoff: Recalibrate for Human Connection

Douglas Rushkoff (digital humanism author and documentarian) helps us break down human autonomy in the digital age and the social implications of the tech world. He takes us through his start in the cyberpunk movement, from goals of uniting humanity through the early internet, the intersections of psychedelics and counter culture with computer programming, through the big business takeover of the internet. Douglas explains the perils of algorithm technology, the evils of cryptocurrency, and how social disconnect can contribute to consumerism. He reveals ways politicians and corporations capitalize on our fears and insecurities to push their own agendas and the factors that led extremist movements like QAnon to become so popular. Mayim and Douglas break down the neuroscience and biology of human connection and consider ways tech physically primes our bodies for dehumanization. They discuss how to combat feelings of helplessness tied to digital media’s prevalence in our daily lives and practical ways to retrain your nervous system to disengage with tech in favor of human connection.

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Douglas Rushkoff

Author, Media Theorist, Thinker

Mayim Bialik


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