May 23, 2023

David Lascher & Christine Taylor: Blossom, Brady Bunch, & 90’s Nostalgia

David Lascher (Blossom, Hey Dude) & Christine Taylor (Zoolander, Hey Dude) discuss David’s experience playing Mayim’s boyfriend on Blossom, how the pandemic brought Christine and husband Ben Stiller back together, and they help us break down the deeper psychological layers of nostalgia. They reflect on the cult following of their show Hey Dude on the early days of Nickelodeon, Christine’s comedy trajectory and her legendary role as Marcia Brady in the Brady Bunch movies, and what David thinks landed him the Blossom role. Mayim, Christine, and David explain why people are so nostalgic for the 90’s and why content from that era resonates with so many today, why the pandemic forced us to reexamine our interpersonal relationships, and why their kids are better prepared for the world than they were.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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