August 30, 2022

Steve-O Part 1: There is Nothing a Clown Can’t Do

The first part of our interview with Steve-O (Jackass, A Hard Kick in the Nuts book, Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast), who stops by to discuss his amazing journey to overcome countless odds against him, becoming one of the most well-known, talented stuntmen of all time. He details his family history of substance abuse, failing out of college, and the origins of his affinity for stunt work. He opens up about his own struggles with addiction and road toward sobriety. Steve-O shares his unbelievable experiences in clown college, including auditioning for the exclusive program and breaking down the different types of clowns.

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Steve-O's New Book: A Hard Kick in the Nuts
Packed with self-deprecating wit and gruelingly earned wisdom, A Hard Kick in the Nuts will reverberate with readers everywhere who have lived a lot (sometimes too much) and are now wondering how to approach the years to come. Or maybe just need some good motivation to get out of bed tomorrow. One of many tips: Be your own harshest critic, then cut yourself a break, and enjoy this book.
Steve-O's Wild Ride Podcast
Comedian and jackass star Steve-O has hilarious and honest conversations with celebrities in his mobile podcast studio...
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The Bucket List Tour
Steve-O describes his Bucket List Tour as a multimedia show: a stand-up act with crazy stunts on film. Those stunts are in the over-the-top style of “Jackass,” the MTV show that brought him celebrity.
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Steve-O's YouTube Channel
I'm Steve-O, the guy from Jackass and Wildboyz. I'm known for stapling my balls to my leg, putting huge jellyfish on my head, and plenty of other crazy, funny stuff...
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