September 5, 2023

Sharon Salzberg: Treat Your Anger with Lovingkindness

Sharon Salzberg (meditation pioneer, NYT bestselling author) breaks down what successful meditation looks like, how to extend lovingkindness to ourselves in the social media age, and what it really means to have compassion for our enemies while standing firm in our fight for others. She opens up about how her traumatic childhood and studying philosophy brought her to her career path today, why her first reaction to meditation was anger, the truth she has personally found in meditation, and how she managed to not allow early meditation critics to stand in her way. Sharon explains ways to combine introspection with lovingkindness, how balance and presence can lead to self-compassion, and the positives and negatives of anger. She and Mayim discuss the differences between meditation and prayer, the commercialization of meditation vs the foundation of mindfulness, the importance of slowing down to enjoy moments of happiness, and why we are more connected than we realize. Sharon reveals the role love and relationships has played in her life and shares her own personal meditation practice.

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Sharon Salzberg

Author, Buddhist Teacher

Mayim Bialik


Jonathan Cohen





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