June 4, 2024

Achieve Economic Security. Financial EXPERT, Scott Galloway, Explains How to GROW WEALTH at Any Age

Achieve Economic Security. Financial EXPERT, Scott Galloway, Explains How Anyone Can GROW WEALTH at Any Age. ACT NOW.

Simple Steps to Get Rich.

Scott Galloway (bestselling author, NYU professor, serial entrepreneur) reveals the UGLY TRUTH about Chasing Your Passion and shares steps we can all take to GET RICH!

In this MUST-WATCH episode for anyone looking to improve their financial stability, Scott exposes shocking truths about economic disparities in the U.S.

He shares how growing up poor shaped his beliefs, why passion shouldn't drive your career choices, the economic implications of GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic, and the sneaky tactics the wealthy use to maintain their status.

Scott Galloway also breaks down:
- Dangers of excessive consumerism and possible solutions
- Necessity to prioritize relationships over chasing wealth
- The true definition of being "rich"
- Societal pressure for excessive spending over social media
- Value of financial discipline and identifying specific economic goals
- Why we are obligated to plan for financial security
- His personal struggles with depression, anger, economic fear, and the trappings of a materialistic world
- Importance of talking about money without fear

Scott's practical advice on achieving financial security, untying your identity from your economic status, aligning goals with realistic expectations, and practical saving and investing tips demonstrate why IT'S NEVER TOO LATE to reduce economic stress.

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Scott Galloway

NYU Professor, Entrepreneur

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Guest References

The Algebra of Wealth by Scott Galloway
Today’s workers have more opportunities and mobility than any generation before. They also face unprecedented challenges, including inflation, labor and housing shortages, and climate volatility. Even the notion of retirement is undergoing a profound rethink, as our lifespans extend and our relationship with work evolves. In this environment, the tried-and-true financial advice our parents followed is no longer enough. It’s time for a new playbook.
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