June 11, 2024

Paul Scheer: I Was Too Passive

Paul Sheer (hilarious actor, filmmaker, and podcaster) is here to break down the pitfalls of self-diagnosis, the therapeutic power of acknowledging anger, and the significance of agency.

He opens up like NEVER BEFORE about his abusive childhood, from how his parents managed to secretly get divorced while he was a kid and how his family secrets impacted his ability to trust into adulthood, to what it means to speak your truth even if it betrays the narratives of others and how he was able to release his anger in order to move forward.

He also answers the important question: Does therapy dampen your creativity??

We also discuss:
- His late ADHD diagnosis, including his experience with medication and what triggers his spirals
- Silver lining of his childhood trauma: Using it to connect with others & how it allowed him to be a better husband and father
- How his family’s need to “control the narrative” led to emotional struggle and passivity
- Origins of his long-running and widely popular podcast, How Did This Get Made?, and its unexpected impact on the Fast & The Furious franchise
- His collections and how they help him connect with his past
- Importance of surrounding yourself with creatively challenging people
- Healing Nature of Black-and-White Thinking

PLUS Mayim opens up about her love for Nicolas Cage!

TUNE IN to this hilarious, heartfelt episode today!

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Paul Scheer's Joyful Recollections of Trauma
Blending the confident, affable voice that has won him a dedicated following with a refreshing level of candor, Joyful Recollections of Trauma chronicles Paul’s often shocking, admittedly tumultuous childhood and how the experiences of his youth have reverberated throughout his life. In his comedy, Paul has always been unafraid to “go there,” to play naïve, cringeworthy characters, imbuing them with disarming charm and humanity. That daring openness is on display in the pages of this memoir, but in true Paul fashion, it is also surprising, eye-opening, and side-splitting.
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