February 1, 2022

Nora McInerny: Move Through Grief Paralysis

Nora McInerny (Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast, author of Bad Vibes Only) helps us build understanding around grief by taking us through her own grief journey. She discusses what her life was like before suffering extreme loss, what happened upon receiving her husband’s terminal brain cancer diagnosis, and how she dealt with a miscarriage and the loss of her father and husband weeks apart. Nora and Mayim consider the struggle of dealing with people’s expectations of your feelings during mourning periods, why it may be difficult to relate to people who are moving through grief, and the importance of allowing oneself time to truly grieve. They discuss reasons why mourning is so specific and individualistic, productivity associated with grief, and the benefits of finding a support group. Mayim breaks down the typical grief timeline, its physical symptoms, and its potential impact on every area of one’s life.

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Nora McInerny

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