November 7, 2023

Jack Osbourne: Ego is Not My Amigo

Jack Osbourne (The Osbournes, Ghosts & Grit podcast) breaks down why he thinks people are fascinated by his family, how he got into the paranormal, his struggles with substance abuse, and his multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He opens up about the toll his family’s reality show took on him, why he thinks the show was successful, and gives us a glimpse into what his dad is actually like off-camera. Jack details his detox experience, how he’s been able to maintain sobriety, and shares advice for those experiencing suicidal ideation. He discusses his mom’s battle with cancer, his dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, and his own experiences with talk and couples therapy. He also reflects on using his sense of humor as a defense mechanism, his jiu jitsu practice as a form of meditation, his divorce and new happy marriage, and his focus on removing shame from his relationship with his daughters.

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Jack Osbourne

TV Host, Producer, Personality

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