August 22, 2023

Dr. David Richo: Don’t Bring Childhood Wounds into Adult Relationships

David Richo PhD, MFT (psychotherapist, teacher, writer, and workshop leader) shows us how to become the best we can be at loving as he dispels the myths of what love actually is, explains how our relationships with our parents may unwittingly affect our romantic partnerships, and the key factors needed to build real trust. He discusses the changes he’s seen in relationships over the decades, the spiritual integrity component of successful relationships, and how the mindsets of ego can negatively impact any relationship. Dr. Richo demonstrates practical language used to strengthen a relationship after conflict and shares ways to identify candidates who are qualified to be in a healthy adult relationship. He reveals how his findings hold up when considering polyamorous connections, how fear manifests itself in relationships, why expressing appreciation should never be underestimated, and why we are more likely to be emotionally satisfied during the \"honeymoon stage.\" Dr. Rich also explains how to mirror healthy love for your children, the actual forms of nurturing kids crave from their parents, and practical ways to teach children independence.

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