April 23, 2024

From Beauty School to First Lady, with Cheryl Hines!

Could Cheryl Hines become America's next FIRST LADY? On this BRAND NEW episode of MBB, we break down her journey from Comedian to possible political royalty. Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins us in the MBB studio this week to say goodbye to her long-running character in the final season of CURB, and to discuss how she still manages to find the comedy and fun in the midst of her husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s campaign for president! They chat about Mayim’s guest role on CURB and her out-of-the-box audition process, whether Cheryl ever wishes her own character had the opportunity to evolve, and the huge loss of Cheryl’s close friend and longtime co-star Richard Lewis. Cheryl also opens up about: - The hilarious way Larry David introduced her to her now husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Why Larry didn’t think her relationship with Robert would last - What it was like marrying into the Kennedy dynasty, especially as someone who didn’t grow up with politics - How Robert Kennedy’s bid for the presidency has changed their relationship + how Cheryl is fitting into the world of politics now - What it feels like to know there’s a chance she could be the First Lady?! - The struggle to reel in her comedy instincts while she’s on the campaign trails - Navigating security threats & ways she manages the stress of her new life in the political realm PLUS Cheryl reflects on the ways her improv background translates to other areas of her life, her humble beginnings growing up in Florida, and she and Mayim share their O.J. Simpson bar stories!

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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