April 30, 2024

Brian C. Muraresku: Could Jesus Exist Without Psychedelics?

HIGH on GOD. The SHOCKING LINK between Stoned Greek witches, Christianity, early Civilization & Shrooms.Best-selling Author, Brian C. Muraresku, (The Immortality Key) explores if Jesus might actually be the Greek God Dionysus.He explains how ancient Greeks believed that experiencing your death “before you die” actually provides you the chance for immortality.We go deep and learn about links between early Christianity and Ancient Greek mystical practices, including altered states as a way to be in touch with the spiritual realm, the true origins of Catholicism’s body and blood of Christ, and the pivotal role Greek witches played in shaping early Christianity.Brian also breaks down: - How the wine used today in church differs from the psychedelic-infused wine of Ancient Greece - More than metaphor: What it actually means to ingest the body and blood of Christ- Sorcery vs Scripture - Lay down and die: “Incubation” as a path to enlightenment- The dangers of psychedelic use without prep work and appropriate processing- Why he chooses not to use psychedelics himselfJoin us as we explore these questions, backed by compelling historical evidence and expert insights that will challenge everything you thought you knew about religious history and Western Civilization as we understand it.

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Brian C. Muraresku

Author, Historian

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Brian C. Muraresku's Book: The Immortal Key
A groundbreaking dive into the role psychedelics have played in the origins of Western civilization, and a real-life quest for the Holy Grail.
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