June 3, 2021

Bevisode with Mayim's Mom! Mysticism & Motherhood, Hungarian Superpowers & Pioneering Prison Programs

Bev breaks down previous episodes in our fourth Bevisode installment! This week, Bev reacts to an engaging slot of recent episodes by discussing her own responses to the callings of waking dreams touched on by Elizabeth Bachner, along with the importance of recognizing when to seek help in the struggle with addiction addressed in Brian Posehn's episode. Later, Bev reminisces about teaching in a women’s prison and the programs she pioneered during her successful career in response to the Sal Khan episode, and shares the sadness and understanding she felt during Wil Wheaton’s revelations about wanting to leave the entertainment industry.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Beverly Bialik

Mayim's Mother

Mayim Bialik


Jonathan Cohen






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Guest References

(Episode) Elizabeth Bachner: Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture & Adrenal Failure - Doulas Do it Right
Elizabeth Bachner, acclaimed midwife, acupuncturist and healer, explains how her life was seemingly perfect on paper but simply didn’t feel right. By unraveling this thread, she was guided on a path of personal and spiritual transformation that many will relate to. Elizabeth brings her extensive exploration of Easter healing and Mayim and Elizabeth delve into the neuropsychological underpinnings of naturalistic medicine. Elizabeth even leads us in group meditation (Prepare to smell some lemons)! The show examines the hardships of human experience, from cancer, birth, death, and much more.
(Episode) Brian Posehn: Gentle Giants, Weed, and Dungeons & Dragons
Mayim and Brian discuss their life experiences and dissect Brian’s transformation from “nerd” to famous comedian and the impact of being a big man. Brian recounts his time working with Mayim on the Big Bang Theory and his excitement playing Dungeons and Dragons with Mayim and other members of the team! The conversation leads into a discussion of coping mechanisms and subsequent discussion of Brian’s use of marijuana.
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(Episode) Sal Khan: Emotional Stress, Standardized Tests, & a New Approach to Education
Salman “Sal” Khan, acclaimed educator and philanthropist describes his journey through the educational system and his plans to change it for the better. Originally an analyst at a hedge fund, Sal decided to leave his cushioned career in order to focus on his true passion, education.
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(Episoode) Wil Wheaton on Trauma, Depression, & Self-Discovery
Wil Wheaton is a well seasoned actor, recognized for his work on The Big Bang Theory, Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and countless other classics. He joins us this week to talk about his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety.
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