August 12, 2021

Angela Matusik: Reinvent Your Career, Creative Contentment & A Thread of Perspective

Angela Matusik, Head of Corporate Brand Content & Creative at Hewlett-Packard, breaks down the impact of brand storytelling on society’s capacity for mental wellness. She details her impressive trajectory from an unstable childhood to becoming an editor in the fascinating era of 90’s print media, and eventually reinventing her creative journalism to pivot into the world of corporate storytelling. Mayim and Angela discuss the ways in which brands shape societal values, behavior, and conversation and the responsibilities these corporations have to maintain integrity and address mental health. They examine the importance of young women having access to mentorship from successful women in corporate positions, the effects of isolation on adolescents created by the digital age, and how their hyper awareness as mothers shapes their views of the media.Mayim and Jonathan explain the values in recognizing how your past impacts your present and finding creative trajectories for one’s unique skillset in another round of "You Might Need Help If...

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Angela Matusik

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