April 9, 2024

Ask Mayim Anything #6: Earworms, Love’s Effects on the Brain, Outgrowing Your Therapist, ADHD & Age, The Breastfeeding Bond

What are the effects of love on the brain?Can ADHD worsen as we age?Why do we crave certain foods at certain times?How do I know when I've outgrown my relationship with my therapist?Mayim answers these questions and MORE on another episode of Ask Mayim Anything!SHE BREAKS DOWN:- "Stuck Song" Syndrome, AKA "Earworms"- The correlation between head injuries and mental illness (including treatments to help!)- Sensory Processing Disorder and when to seek support for it- The differences between hyper- and hyposensitivity- Why oxytocin can lead to attachment- The effects of low levels of serotoninPLUS we have a SPECIAL GUEST this episode.....Nurture Neuroscientist, Infant Sleep Educator, & Doula Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum joins us to explain how breastfeeding promotes the bond between parent and child, and her TOP 5 REASONS your baby isn’t sleeping!Mayim also tackles your ADHD questions, from why more women are being diagnosed with ADHD to the causes of exacerbated ADHD symptoms.She also reflects on her animated voiceover roles and the risks of being friends with your therapist.TUNE IN to see if your question was answered this episode!!

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Guest References

Dr. Greer Kirshenbaum's book, The Nurture Revolution: Grow Your Baby’s Brain and Transform Their Mental Health through the Art of Nurtured Parenting
The latest research in neuroscience and parenting come together in this groundbreaking book, which brings to light new realizations about the power of nurture for our children's mental and physical health outcomes.
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