April 22, 2021

Sal Khan: Emotional Stress, Standardized Tests, & a New Approach to Education

Salman “Sal” Khan, acclaimed educator and philanthropist describes his journey through the educational system and his plans to change it for the better. Originally an analyst at a hedge fund, Sal decided to leave his cushioned career in order to focus on his true passion, education. This is when was born. Mayim and Sal discuss his vision of a world where everyone has the opportunity to receive individualized, compassionate education without the fear, stress, and anxiety of standardized tests and ranking systems. Mayim shares about her own experiences in the education system as a student and as a teacher to her children. Sal and Mayim discuss the “natural curiosity” of all human beings and comment on how the traditional education system has failed many students in many ways.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Sal Khan

Founder of Khan Academy

Mayim Bialik


Jonathan Cohen






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