October 7, 2021

Bevisode with Mayim’s Mom! Mayim’s Mantra & The Gravity of Gratitude

Bev breaks down previous episodes in our fifth Bevisode installment! This week, Bev reacts to a hefty slot of episodes including: Jackson Galaxy’s guardrails and involution, reinventing yourself creatively like Melissa Bernstein, and all things aging with Dr. Small. She considers Rabbi Steve Leder’s stance on decluttering and sanctification of the mundane, Dr. Jenny Taitz’ approach to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and empathizes with Steve Hassan. Bev responds to Kelly Clarkson and Hunter McGrady’s mantras and writes her own mantra for Mayim. She relates to Moshe Kasher’s childhood, reveals her love language like Oliver Hudson, and shares the compassion she feels for Jennette McCurdy’s experience as a child star.

Theme Song Written, Produced, and Performed by Ed Robertson. Mixed by Kenny Luong.
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Beverly Bialik

Mayim's Mother

Mayim Bialik


Jonathan Cohen






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Guest References

(Episode) Jennette McCurdy: Enmeshment, Individuating, & Coping Mechanisms
Jennette McCurdy, writer, director, actor, and singer ( iCarly, Sam & Cat), inspires Mayim with her openness and vulnerability as she shares the harmful coping mechanisms and profound revelations she experienced following the death of her mother - leading to Jennette’s one woman show "I’m Glad My Mom Died." Jennette discusses the pressures and anxieties she faced at an early age as a hugely popular children’s TV star and the source of financial support for her family. Jennette unpacks how her identity was tied to her mother’s perceptions of her and how the enmeshed relationship impacted her. Mayim breaks down the psychological concept of enmeshment, including the effects of removing an enmeshed relationship from one’s life, the reasons we tolerate emotional discomfort for so long, and the elements of the power struggles surrounding love. Mayim and Jennette deeply connect over their self-discovery journeys, including their respective paths to recovery from disordered eating. They also discuss their personal and professional plans for the future, and Mayim confesses her feelings about her upcoming feature directorial debut. In a new installment of Ask Mayim Anything, Mayim explains the origins of self-sabotage and insecurities in an otherwise healthy relationship.
Kelly Clarkson: Small-Town Starts, F-You Attitudes, & Combatting Industry Standards
Kelly Clarkson takes us through her mental and physical health journey after becoming one of the biggest popstars in the world. She shares how growing up in a small Texas town prepared her for global fame and how her voice has evolved over the years...
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(Episode) Moshe Kasher: Nature vs. Nurture, Rebirth Through Raves & Systems of Betrayal
Moshe Kasher, stand-up comedian and author of Mayim’s favorite memoir ‘Kasher in the Rye,’ talks about his experience through childhood growing up with deaf parents and the mixed emotions of independence, embarrassment, and rage that came with it. Mayim and Moshe explore the idea of the chicken and the egg when it came to his therapy early in life.
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(Episode) Jackson Galaxy: Emotional Guardrails, Language of Empathy & The Social Anxiety Corner
Jackson Galaxy (Host & Executive Producer of My Cat from Hell, animal advocate, cat behavior expert, author, musician) opens up about his struggles with social anxiety, substance abuse, and disordered eating. After an illuminating installment of "What Mayim Hears", Jackson discusses growing up wanting to be a rock star and how playing guitar and busking at an early age helped him combat anxiety. He details his use of food as a comfort tool and alcohol as a social lubricant before he discovered the benefits provided by the structure of rituals.
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